The Lamborghini Miura Bible – Joe Sackey

“Dear Mr. Sackey, I just finished reading your book The Lamborghini Miura Bible …I was very much touched by the reading and the words you used to describe, the history, the presentation, the buzz and the passion that this car has created. Let me explain. In 1966, my father like the whole World was astounded by what he saw on the Lamborghini stand in Geneva (we live there) …I personally got hooked myself when he brought the first one to our house a few years later. It was a red P400S that was exchanged years later for better one. That one was followed a few years later by an orange one, again a P400S. Not that my father was particularly wealthy, but passion is passion”

– Phillipe S

“This definitive volume is the result of 20 years of diligent research, and Joe is deservedly now credited as being the world’s leading authority on the Miura.”

– European Motor News

“Hi Joe, just bought your book and noticed that you post here. I am a super fan of the book and the Miura and consider your book worthy of the “Bible” moniker, great job!! I treat this book like a novel, dedicating my full attention to it and reading it chapter by chapter with a nice glass or wine or coffee and no other worries in the world. I can say without hesitation I’d pick up any books you write on other icons based on this experience!”

– CF

“The photographs alone are worth the buying it for, but besides this, it is IMO one of the best automotive books I have read! I really enjoyed the writing style & in depth information as well. Really glad to have it in my collection.”

– Jason M

“Hi Joe, just brought a second copy of your fantastic book as a present for a good friend!”

– Jonathan Root

“Sophisticated and sleek, there’s no question that if James Bond was Italian, his car of choice would have been a Miura!”

““Bible” is such a big word, laden with promise and received with expectation, but US Miura expert Sackey’s opus is well and truly The Book (in the sense of being a definitive word) and not just because there hasn’t been another serious Miura-only book (by Coltrin & Marchet) in 30 years. Soon enough anyone who has anything Miura-related to settle will quote chapter and verse from it. In fact, the first print run sold out within four months of publication! Also, Sackey has already committed to future editions if and when “newly received wisdom” becomes available—but only after “it is properly established.” This last bit is a crucial part of Sackey’s modus operandi. For his own book he was not content with just interviewing all the principals who had anything to do with the Miura (development engineer Claudio Zampolli wrote the Foreword), he cross-checked and corroborated everything until it was “properly established” and thus fit to become gospel.”

– Speed Readers Reveiw

“Without fail, the best I have read on any car. Too many times have I bought a car-book only to be disappointed by the same staid stories and the same old pictures. Your book is so full of new information and fresh pictures. It is a beauty and extremely well written! It is difficult not to be smitten by your enthusiasm for the Miura. Congratulations on an excellent achievement Now – can you please do a book on the LP400?!”

– Tore T.

“Even before opening this book, you are sure its a masterpiece. Author Joe Sackey is THE specialist on the F40, Countach, and evidently the Miura. The latter is the first and maybe still the most beautiful of its kind – the mid-engined supercar. Cast the ingredients in a press and voila: the masterpiece status holds up. Its unthinkable to be left with questions about the Miura after reading this book. Not a single detail is overlooked. You want to know how many Miura SVs were delivered to Venezuela? The color of the Shah of Iran’s Miura? You can find it in this book. For the real freaks, the SNs accompanied by the original data are included. In short, the Title “Miura Bible” is not even exaggerated.”

“I wanted to send you a message of congratulations for your Miura book. Brilliant! A truly great work, the real ‘Bible’.

– Dr. Stefano Pasini

“I finally gave in and bought your book, the Miura Bible. It’s by far the most impressive book I’ve read on a single vehicle.”

– H. Mirza

“Congratulations on your great Miura book! This is top information for Lamborghini petrol heads, every word is worthy for any car enthusiast and a must for owners! I bought 4 copies for myself and friends and it gives me enormous pleasure to read it.”

– Marc Hoffmann

“I got my copy of your fantastic Miura Bible from Amazon today and am pouring over it with GREAT interest. Very nice work!”

– Lou Herrin

In addition to English, The Lamborghini Miura Bible is also published in both French & German

“Has to be the best book ever on the Miura!”

– John Blackburn

“I just received my copy of the Miura Bible. What an amazing job you did! Truly awesome. Please do the same for the LP400! Congratulations!”

– Ed

“I wanted to tell you what a wonderful book that you have written. I am not kissing up when I tell you that it is by far one of the best automotive books I have ever seen. It came in the mail last week and I have slowly been going through it. I am asking you to please do a book on the Countach next! Clearly this is a must do. I will be the first to buy one. Great job!”

– Joe N. Frazer IV

“It’ll be hard to top your book, Joe. I just got my copy today. I thought I knew a fair amount about these cars, but I was overwhelmed by the amount of additional information you included. Congratulations!”

– Tom

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“Dear Mr. Sackey,

I’ve just finished reading your Miura Bible, and I’m writing to thank you for such a wonderful book. Your thoroughness of research, caliber of writing and quality of photography are all spectacular.

I fell in love with the Miura in circumstances a little like yours. I was a college freshman (c. 1967), walking back to campus from a wishful visit to the local Alfa dealer. Jaywalking across a street, I almost got clipped by a lime-green Miura that I probably hadn’t noticed because of its low height. I’ve been smitten ever since.

Thanks, and thanks again for your Herculean effort on the Bible.”

– Jack Davis

“I received your book from Amazon and I had to force myself to stop reading it because I have tons of work to finish. Even after a bit of reading and some browsing I am amazed by the quality and details. I collected lots of automotive books in the last 2 decades but this one is already in my top 10. Brilliantly researched, unbelievably detailed and beautifully put together. The pictures alone can suck up my attention for a few hours, without even reading a single letter”

– Natan Tazelaar

Excerpt from “The Lamborghini Miura Bible“, by Joe Sackey:

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