“Joe was amazing. Would use him again 100%. We looked at a number of cars, including the car that sold for $1.55 at the Peterson museum auction a couple weeks back. Ultimately this was the cleanest car and the best price.”

“Joe you wrote the book. There is no one better than you. Thanks.”

“A great pleasure as always Joe. You are a true professional to say the least.”

“I told him you are the best representative of the brands in the market, only person 100% trustworthy of the deal in the industry which is true in the long run.”

“Thank you Joe for representing us so well. This will bring a huge relief to my family to have both a good price and someone who will honor the car’s legacy. Couldn’t ask for more.”

“Your true passion for the cars as opposed to just making another deal comes across solidly. So appreciated!

“Thanks to the Sackey team! Winners from all generations!!”

“Love love love the car!!!! It’s perfect!”

“Thanks Joe!! It is rare that a car exceeds my expectations but this f40 definitely does. I got to drive it today and I have to say it lives u to the hype. I didn’t push it very hard due to the tires but it is mechanically sound and such a joy to drive. Thanks again for all of your help with this.”

“Ciao Joe, you are a GENTLEMAN. Thanks, ciao”

“Thanks for being transparent in your findings. Your due diligence is much appreciated.”

“You will not find a more knowledgeable and accessible, ethical source of information on classic Lambos than Joe S.”

– Scott

“Hi Joe, I just want to thank you for your expertise and efforts in arranging my Miura sale. I appreciate someone who gets things done properly and efficiently. You are THE MAN! In the future, if I’m looking for a specific vehicle, I’ll be contacting you!”

– Henry H.

“Joe, it’s been wonderful working with you on my Ferrari needs. Your experience and knowledge on these special cars relative to the market are invaluable. Thanks again for your service.”

– Eddie Lee

“Joe is an invaluable resource when purchasing and selling vintage cars and supercars. His wealth of knowledge and experience bring intangible assets to his clients. The best recommendation are the repeat clients that use Joe’s services again and again, like myself.”

– Doctor B.

“Thanks Joe for facilitating the deal! Great smooth and easy transaction which is always nice.”

– Graham Rahal

“This is why your involvement is crucial: unbiased and thorough knowledge of the cars in question. Very few can offer such a service.”

– Chris P.

“Everyone I’ve talked to said you were not only an expert with these cars but had a great reputation and could be trusted.”

– Bruce W.

“Thanks Joe. You are an asset to the hobby.”

– Tim H.

“Joe, you are a true gentleman and you are an inspiration to 288 GTO lovers everywhere. Without you, we would only know a fraction about this jewel of a car.”

– Shiv S.

“It is refreshing to work with someone who has both vetted the cars before presenting them and has the requisite knowledge to assist in the due diligence process. Many of my truly collector quality cars have and will continue to come through Joe.”

– Chris P.

“Joe, thank you for helping me find F40 87400. I could not have found a better car, and it wouldn’t have happened without you. You have been patient and polite, and your advice was always helpful and correct. Next time I acquire a high end car, you will be the first person I call.”

– Tom M.

“I’d like to take a moment to thank you for being such a good friend and consummate professional. I truly celebrate the day I was fortunate enough to meet you Mr Sackey!”

– B.A.

“I have had the pleasure of doing multiple deals with you and your advice has always been spot on.”

– Jose GC.

“Joe, you are a class act. Thank you for you knowledge, patience and professionalism.”

– Stan C.

“Joe is in a different league from the characters I generally encounter in buying & selling cars. What a great guy – honest, reputable and extremely reliable.”

– Bob C.

“Joe –

Many thanks for all your help, info, and advice. I couldn’t have asked for a smoother experience.”

– Nick E.


You have put together and created friendships to amazing people who did not known each other 3 weeks ago. I thank you for it and the way you have conducted the whole deal.”

– Robert K.

“Thank you Joe.

You are a true pro — with honor.”

– Stanley C.

“Once again, it a true pleasure dealing with you. I appreciate your honesty, and being candid and forthright regarding the purchase and sale of these cars.”

– Anthony T.

“I have purchased many cars from numerous individuals but Joe’s integrity and honesty is refreshing. He listens to his clients providing the insights gained from his years in the business. Finding and matching the perfect car is his forte. I trust him with my collection when I buy or sell.”

– D.B.

“Joe… thanks for finding F40 ZFFMN34A8N0092779 for us. It has turned out to be a very good car. Even though I have a couple of other things in the garage I find myself always wanting to take it out every time I have a chance. Hell I even peek under the cover every once in a while just to look at it. Last week I let the employee relation folks include an F40 ride for our United Way drive auction. One of our employees paid $250. Today he gets his ride. And I think I’m the one who should be paying him. Anyhow thanks again.”

– Drew A.

“And what a great service you perform, you go that extra mile to get your clients the very best cars!”

– Jose C.

“Thanks Joe, you helped make the experience a very special one.”

– Andrew D.

“Joe is very forthcoming and wants the proper transaction for his clients, not simply a facilitation fee…. Joe will help clients avoid a car (and his fee) if it’s the wrong car. That’s why I like Joe and will continue my relationship with him. Trust.”

– Chad M.

“Joe you’re a good guy, a man of rare character and integrity”

– Jeff S.

“It amazes (me)… you are a true Lamborghini enthusiast. Way ahead of all other so-called experts.”

– Paul V.

“Spectacular! It is beautiful … It makes me happy.”

– Greg C.

“Awesome! As I’ve said, you’ve got the best crystal ball in the business.”

– Jay M.

“My driver just called and has delivered the car (Ferrari 288 GTO) … he says that your customer is very happy and ecstatic over the car! He has room in his garage for another car so you may have another sale coming…”

– Arnie

“After a trouble-free transaction through Joe and a major service chassis no. 92779 will find a new home in the Heart of Dixie. Thanks Joe for a good, honest, hassle free transaction.”

– Drew A.

“If you are looking to buy or sell a Miura or an early Countach, make sure to contact Joe first and before you make any move. As a long time Lamborghini passionate, I have sourced difficult-to-find parts and items for Lamborghini collectors all over the globe, but I can honestly say that Joe never fails to amaze me when it comes to finding the hidden jewel car. Some of the best vintage iconic Lamborghinis never came up for sale on the open market, but you can find them through Joe. If you are looking for a special Countach or Miura, Joe knows where it is.”

– Emilio

“Joe – You’re a consumate professional! Your knowledge, expertise, and dedication to your client’s are second to none. Thank you for your successful efforts in helping me secure a beautiful example of a car I’ve longed to own. I look forward to our next transaction together!”

– Jeffrey C.

“I really enjoyed working with Joe on this sale. He is a gentleman.”

– Vaile S.

“It was a pleasure working with you. Unfortunately, many of your peers are less than professional and turn the process into a one-sided game. You kept everything well-documented and open to both myself (buyer) and the seller. I appreciate your overall approach.”

– Mike G.

“Joe’s knowledge, experience and connections were essential to my securing several vintage automobiles. His professionalism in locating, negotiating the sale, and dealing with the challenging logistics of bringing automobiles from remote parts of the world to the customer is unparalleled. Furthermore, his passion for automotive history makes him an excellent resource for information as well. I can’t thank Joe enough for his patience, tenacity and intelligence in getting the deal done – it couldn’t have been more seamless nor pleasurable.”

– Erik L.

“It goes without saying (but better when said) that I would not be an owner without your patience, kindness and expertise.”

– Jay M.

“Joe you are a pleasure to do business with. Your level of knowledge and eye for detail is rare indeed. Thank you, as always, for the good counsel and of course, the results that we have achieved together.”

– Buddy C.

“In any field there is always that one person who is a step above the rest. Joe Sackey is that man when it comes to the Ferrari F40. He know’s each nut and bolt of the car, and has his pulse on the market. A man you can trust whether you are buying or selling. Joe, thank you for your help with the sale of my F40.”

– Simon D.

“Joe is a true enthusiast. No one has a better understanding of Lamborghinis and F40/288 GTOs. Moreover Joe has his finger on the pulse of the market. He was able to find the perfect car for me at the right price. His expertise and advice were invaluable. I couldn’t have done it without him.”

– Josh O.

“I was with my dad on a sunny day of 1968 when he test drove a red Miura P400. I’ve never forgotten that moment. My dad told me: One day you will understand what a Miura with its V12 means in the car world! Today (2008, forty years later) I have closed the circle thanks to you Joe.”

– Eric C.

“Thank you Joe for helping me buy the car of my dreams. I bought it purely on faith in your word, and it turned out every bit as good as you promised”

– Tore T.

“Your connections, knowledge, and ability to get things DONE are remarkable traits.”

– Ron E.

“Thank you for all of your expert help”

– John S.

“Let me thank you once again for a most enjoyable transaction!”

– Jurgen W.

“Thank you for the good work you do”

– Gary K.

“Mr. Sackey is a man of his word”

– Christian B.

“I was referred to Joe and within 2 weeks he had me owning a Miura!”

– Tony O.

“It is such a pleasure to deal with a Gentleman and professional like yourself”

– Tony T.


THX again. Nice to work with honest and professional people!!”

– David M.